Discourses of Mass Violence in Comparative Perspective

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Conference "The Cultural Memory of Mass Violence: Re-mediation and Pre-mediation"

3 November 2022

LMU Munich, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, Große Aula / zoom - download program

Astrid Erll (Frankfurt),                                                  Dominik Markl (Washington, DC),
From 'Memory After Violence'                                            Monumental Representation of Power
to 'Memory Before Violence'                                              and the Justification of Mass Violence

Erll Vortrag            Dominik Vortrag

Christoph Thonfeld (Dachau),                                      Vjeran Pavlakovic (Rijeka),
“I do not want to talk publicly, but if I am asked,                Srebrenica Memoryscapes:
I respond as well as possible.” Anita Lasker-Wallfisch          Grafitti, Monuments, and Public Space
and the Medialisation of Holocaust Memory                        (in lieu of Miranda Jakiša, Vienna)

Thonfeld Vortrag            Pavlakovic Vortrag

                                                                                     Juliane Prade-Weiss (Munich),
Stephanie Bird (London),                                             Foregrounding the Media of Memory:
Merle Kröger's Die Experten                                             Transgenerational Trauma in Stepanova’s
and its Thrilling Intervention in Memory Polemics              In Memory of Memory

Bird Vortrag            Prade-Weiss Vortrag

Vladimir Petrović (Boston),                                          Roundtable with Martin Schule Wessel (Munich),
The Internment of the 'Praying Indians' on Deer Island:      Russland - Ukraine: Krieg um die Erinnerung
A Cleansing Memory Report                                             (Russia - Ukraine: War over Memory)

Vortrag Petrovic           roundtable onlooking original


cultural_memory_november 2022

organized by Juliane Prade-Weiss (LMU Munich),
Dominik Markl (Georgetown University Washington, DC),
and Vladimir Petrović (Boston University / Institute for Contemporary History Belgrade)