Discourses of Mass Violence in Comparative Perspective

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Lecture Series "Empire and Violence"

organized by Juliane Prade-Weiss, Dominik Markl, and Vladimir Petrović

02 June 2023 - 19 February 2024

@ LMU Munich and University of Innsbruck

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Guest Lecture "Anderl von Rinn: Applying Systems Theory to a Case of Blood Libel"

by Ariel Glucklich (Religious Studies, Georgetown U)

23 June 2023

University of Innsbruck

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Conference "The Cultural Memory of Mass Violence: Re-mediation and Pre-mediation"

organized by Juliane Prade-Weiss, Dominik Markl, and Vladimir Petrović

3 November 2022 LMU Munich, Große Aula / zoom

cultural_memory_november 2022

"Ideology and Complicity in Mass Violence": Roundtable on Two New Books

with Mihaela Mihai & Jonathan Leader Maynard

11 July 2022 4–6 pm CEST

LMU Munich, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, B 201 / zoom

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Second Session of the Research Group "Representations of Cultural Trauma in the Hebrew Bible"

chaired by Dominik Markl and Danilo Verde
05 July 2022

at the European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS) Annual Conference in Toulouse

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image: https://www.eabs.net

Roundtable "Beyond the Law: Justifications of Mass Violence in Social and Scholarly Discourses"

with Nancy Adler, Christian Gerlach & A. Dirk Moses
co-chaired by Juliane Prade-Weiss, Vladimir Petrovic & Dominik Markl

10 June 2022, 16:00-17:30, Amsterdam

9th Annual Conference of the Historical Dialogues, Justice & Memory Network at the NIOD Institute Amsterdam

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Course "Fake News and Extremism: Propaganda and Fanatics in History and in the Present"

by Vladimir Petrovic

Harvard Extension School
Spring 2022
course SOCI E-114


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Podcast "Empires Strike Back - Did the 'Balance of Power' Just Make a Comeback?"

Vladimir Petrovic

in conversation with Nir Eisikovits,
Director of the Applied Ethics Center,
University of Massachusetts Boston
Ethics in Action Podcast

April 2022


Keynote "Implication in Commemoration: On Current Interests in Past Complicities"

by Juliane Prade-Weiss, 27 April 2022

at the conference Cultural Memory of Past Dictatorships: Narratives of Implication in a Global Perspective

University College Cork/online - watch on youtube

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Talk "Complicity: A Crisis of Participation in Testimonies of Totalitarianism in Contemporary German-language Literatures"

by Juliane Prade-Weiss, 7 April 2022

at the conference Complicity: Enfoldings and Unfoldings

Technical University Dresden


image courtesy of Cornelia Wächter

Book Launch: Eva Maria Altmann, Das Unsagbare Verschweigen

Respondent: Juliane Prade-Weiss, 31 March 2022

17.00 CET via zoom

Perpetrator Studies Network, Utrecht University


Talk "Complicity at a Distance: Commemorating Problematic Involvement in Perpetration"

by Juliane Prade-Weiss, 09 March 2022

at the CoHLIT-21 Berlin Seminar on German Literature and the Holocaust

ZfL Berlin

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Podcast "Right To Truth and The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia"

by Vladimir Petrovic

Open Society Archives Curated Talks Podcast
Episode 1
February 2022


image courtesy of OSA

Appeals to Historical Authority Justifying Mass Violence in Pamphlets

joint talk, 25 February 2022, 11:45am - 1:00pm

at the online-conference Activist Writing: The Pamphlet in Practice, History, Media and the Popular Sphere


Discoursive Constructions of Enmity: Populisms, Conspiracy, Hate

organized by Juliane Prade-Weiss, Dominik Markl, and Vladimir Petrovic

Department of Comparative Literature, LMU Munich/online, 11 February 2022


Talk "Historians and Transitional Justice: Promises and Pitfalls"

by Vladimir Petrovic

Democracy Institute, Central European University, Budapest
13 December 2021

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image courtesy of CEU

Methodological Challenges of Analysing Justificatory Discourses of Mass Violence

Round Table

LMU Munich/online
04 November 2021

methodological challenges vorlage
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Discourses of Mass Violence in Comparative Perspective

Interdisciplinary Workshop, organized by Vladimir Petrovic, Dominik Markl, and Juliane Prade-Weiss

Department of Comparative Literature, LMU Munich/online, 25 March 2021

Poster March 2021

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